Ten Ridiculous Travel Products

Published by Stickboy on November 5th, 2010

Ridiculous Travel Products

Snazzy Napper

The Snazzy Napper is essentially a blanket and an eye-mask in one and is advertised as offering privacy while travelling.

Ridiculous Travel Products

Flying Pasties

Orange rubber stickers – branded “Flying Pasties” – are designed to be placed inside or on top of a traveller’s underwear and obscure their private parts from controversial full-body airport scanners.

Ridiculous Travel Products

GasBGon Cushion

The GasBGon cushion is designed to absorb the odour and sound of flatulance.

Ridiculous Travel Products

JakPak Jacket-Tent Outfit

The JakPak jacket-tent outfit was unveiled earlier and is designed so that travellers can don the waterproof shirt during the day before transforming it into a tent at night.

Ridiculous Travel Products


Designed to fit two travellers underneath, the Dualbrella costs around $20 – but don’t be surprised if you receive strange looks while using it.

Ridiculous Travel Products


Want to relive the dorky days of your childhood? The Bananabunker – which protects your banana from bruising when placed in your backpack – can take you there.

Ridiculous Travel Products

Wenger’s Giant Knife

That’s not a knife – this is a knife! Designed for any occasion, Wenger’s Giant Knife has 87 implements and 141 functions and will set you back $US1400 ($1415).

Ridiculous Travel Products

Relax ‘n Nap Traveller Pillow

The Relax ‘n Nap Traveller pillow aims to solve the age-old problem of how to breathe while asleep.

Ridiculous Travel Products


Are you a messy eater? Avoid spilling food on your gear while travelling with the BeltzBib.

Ridiculous Travel Products

Renaissance Premium Travel Bidet

The Renaissance Premium Travel bidet – designed for washing the genitals while travelling – is advertised as offering “the best and highest water pressure” for a thorough clean.


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