24 Pictures Of Drunk Brits Abroad

Published by Stickboy on January 7th, 2010

Drunk Brits Abroad Pictures

With all this winter snow around many Brits will be heading to the nearest travel agent and booking up a summer holiday and so they have something to look forward to in a couple of months.

But what is it that people really look forward too? Two weeks of binge drinking, going topless and offending every local within a two mile radius of where they happen to be sat half canned?

All across The Med, Eastern Europe and now the Middle East, authorities are sick and tired of the loutish behaviour of drunk, half naked, British tourists.

And when you look at the 24 pictures in this gallery it’s clear to see why they are complaining.

A 2009 UK Foreign Office report said many arrests abroad were due to “behaviour caused by excessive drinking”.

Research found that hundreds of thousands of women fail to adhere to local laws risking fines, imprisonment or prosecution each year by sunbathing topless.

The Foreign Office urge people to check out local laws and customs before taking such risks but are they likely to follow the advice of the posh man in the suit? No chance.

Last summer there were several high profile cases of Brits behaving badly abroad and getting arrested.

Remember the British couple jailed in Dubai after being caught having sex on the beach? Or the stag party being arrested in Crete for indecent exposure and offending religious symbols, when dressed as nuns?

No doubt summer 2010 will just be a repeat of the past 25 years…


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