Maggie Simpson Finally Talks

Published by Stickboy on May 11th, 2009

maggie simpson

Maggie Simpsons made a speech and she sounds a lot like Jodie Foster.

The actress guest-starred in the latest instalment of the long-running animated show and provided the voice for the yellow family’s youngest member.

In an episode made up of various fairy tale-style stories, Maggie removes her famous pacifier to deliver an eloquent speech about babies’ rights.

The baby rebels against the manager of her day care centre – called Mediocri-Tots – after he keeps demolishing her impressive building block creations because they stood out too much.

The man gets angry after she refuses to stop and points at her as he screams: ‘You will be tried as a toddler!’

They then take part in a surreal courtroom-style scene, with babies as the jury, in which Maggie defends herself.

After crawling to centre stage, she removes her dummy, coughs briefly and launches into a speech.

Maggie had spoken in a previous episode, when Elizabeth Taylor provided her voice as she said ‘Daddy’.


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