Top Five Worst Sets of Boobs in Hollywood

Published by Samantha on December 13th, 2010

Now I realize that this is not nearly as much fun for the guys as doing a list of the top five best sets of boobs in Hollywood, but really, that has been done so many times that it’s kind of boring now. To me anyway. And I’m the one writing this, so I get to make the decision. So there. *sticks out tongue*

I know that men love breasts no matter what, but I just am going to have to disagree here and say that some boobs, whether real or fake, are just not attractive. I am really always amazed at the terrible boobs that these women have and seem to be proud of.

I mean, I know self-esteem is important, but so is reality. And these are some girls who need some serious reality checks. That’s why I’m here. You’re welcome. Now go put on a bra, or go see your surgeon and shoot him. Whichever works.

1. Pamela Anderson.

If I hear one more time that Pam has a great rack I am going to scream. Her boobs are awful. They’re like a joke at this point. They’re horrible, and they need to go away.

Worst Boobs in Hollywood

2. Victoria Beckham.

This tiresome Spice Girl can yammer all she wants about how her boobs are real – no one is ever going to buy it. God does not make people that look like toothbrushes with two grapefruit halves glued to the front.

Worst Boobs in Hollywood

3. Keira Knightley.

While I am all for loving yourself in your natural state, there are occasions when a little surgical intervention may not be such a bad idea. In Keira’s case, maybe a little “eating disorder” intervention before the “surgical” one wouldn’t be a bad idea?

Worst Boobs in Hollywood

4. Drew Barrymore.

I love Drew – she is fun and silly and sweet and not scared to actually look ugly in a movie. But her chesticles are so saggy they are becoming cylindrical. Honey needs a little lift.

Worst Boobs in Hollywood

5. Vivica Fox.

Her boobs hit all the low notes – saggy, migrating apart, weirdly dented, too round on the top. It’s amazing but she has managed to be saggy and too perky at the same time! Way to go, Vivica! You’re the big winner tonight!!! Or loser! Or whatever you wanna call it!!!

Worst Boobs in Hollywood


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