Only 7 Fans Welcome Justin Bieber At Hong Kong Airport

Published by Davich on May 16th, 2011


For a teen pop mega-superstar like Justin Bieber, it must be very common for him to arrive at any airport with tons of girls screaming and calling his name. It must be quite a surprise for him with the reception he had in Hong Kong.

Last week, The Sunday Morning Post Hong Kong reported, Justin Bieber arrived Hong Kong International Airport and found that there were only 7 fans waiting to welcome him!

With his crew of 20 people plus all the press, Bieberboy just walked with a grumpy face through his 7 loyal-to-life fans without a look (the girls were screaming, like usual).

Later his PR rep said that he was tired from flight and the previous show. However, his 13,500 My World Tour in Hong Kong concert tickets was sold out. Hong Kong teens must really hate going to the airport.


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