44 Pictures Of Vlads Secret $1 Billion “Putin Palace”

Published by Stickboy on January 25th, 2011

Vladimir Putin Secret Palace

RuLeaks was knocked offline yesterday following the release of photos taken by tradesmen working on Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s secret $1 billion country getaway.

The luxury mansion has already been nicknamed ‘Putin Palace’ and from the pics I grabbed off RuLeaks to share with you, it’s easy to see that no expense has been spared by Vlad – or the Russian Government?

No proof exists that the mansion in the 44 pictures below is really Putin’s, a residence that RuLeaks.net says was built on the Black Sea at a cost of $1 billion for the prime minister’s personal use.

Maybe when the attack on their website ends some more info will become available but for the time being, we’ll go with the flow that the house is for Vlad P.


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