Go Out In Style With The Psychedelic Hearse

Published by Stickboy on July 16th, 2009

The Psychedelic Hearse Gallery

The Psychedelic Hearse is the perfect choice for the Baby Boomer and Woodstock generation to make that final trip in ‘style’.

If the Jacksons had known about the Psychedelic Hearse it might just have been shipped to L.A. for Jacko’s journey to the Staples Center.

The colourful coffin carrier is currently located in Somerset, England and is available for hire as a film or TV prop. If you fancy getting your hands on it long term then it’s all yours for a mere £5k.

Now if you did splash the cash and buy it you could go into the funeral business or better still convert it into a passion wagon. The options are endless.

Here’s eight photos of the colourful 1989 Daimler.

The psychedelic hearse will be put on eBay in September with a Buy It Now option for £5,000. The sale will include the website name and rights.

For more information email info@psychedelichearse.co.uk


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