Inside Pascha: Europe’s Biggest Brothel (12 Photos)

Published by Stickboy on April 11th, 2011

Pascha Brothel Pictures

Pascha is a 12 storey brothel in Cologne, Germany with about 120 prostitutes servicing up to 1000 customers per day.

The largest brothel in Europe rents 126 rooms on 7 floors to hookers for a fee of 180 Euros per day, which includes meals, medical care, and the 20 Euros of tax that authorities collect per prostitute per day (including Cologne’s “pleasure tax” of 6 Euros).

Punters pay a 5 Euro entrance fee and then wander round looking at the available women who sit outside their rooms. Pascha even advertises a money-back guarantee in case of unsatisfactory service by a woman plus discounts for senior citizens above the age of 66 who receive a discount during afternoons; half the price for a “normal session” being covered by the house.


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