In Pictures: Ten Crappy Christmas Gift Ideas

Published by Stickboy on December 23rd, 2011

If you still have some last minute Christmas shopping to do then don’t go wasting good drinking time in packed shops with queues going half way round the block – hell no.

Just buy everyone lest on the list something crap. The entertainment comes when you watch them open it, think WTF?, then say, it’s great, thank you. Not.

Worst Christmas gift ideas

‘Sleek, yet meaty.’ The bacon wallet will delight Lady Gaga fans and meat-lovers alike.

Worst Christmas gift ideas (2)

Making a mockery of Ents, Green Men and Dryads everywhere, this Tree Face is for people who thinks it’s necessary to ‘add character’ to inanimate objects.

Worst Christmas gift ideas (3)

Oh ha ha ha ha! How witty. A mug for dog owners who won’t take the hint.

Worst Christmas gift ideas (4)

Gift-buying for a ‘benefit cheat’ or ‘absent father’? Sorted.

Worst Christmas gift ideas (5)

Perfect for those people whose dinner table conversation revolves around the latest fad dieting regime they’re trying out. Now they can weigh themselves on the move.

Worst Christmas gift ideas

Available at all good pseudo-scientific retailers, the Neckline Trainer is a great gift for people who believe that two minutes a day nodding on springs will ‘dramatically reduce the appearance of a double chin’.

Worst Christmas gift ideas (6)

One for the massive hypochondriac in your life, a selection of giant microbes. Choose from MRSA, E.Coli, Streptococcus and more.

Worst Christmas gift ideas

A gift for someone you hate. Watch the fun, games and wee stains multiply as people try to work out how to wipe their bottom. Make sure you read the puzzle instructions before you hand the gift over …

Worst Christmas gift ideas (7)

For a mate who’s not watched the news in the last week.

Worst Christmas gift ideas (8)

Because you can imagine the look on their faces when THIS gets unwrapped, right?


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