Email Of The Week: Billy The Billboard

Published by Stickboy on December 30th, 2009

Billy Gibby

Over the past few days I’ve exchanged a few emails with a guy called Billy. He seems like a decent sort and although we didn’t do a deal I still thought I’d share his initial email to me with you.

Anyone who has donated a kidney to a friend and given over 14 gallons of blood deserves some free publicity.


My name is Billy Gibby and I go by the name Billythebillboard – I am an undefeated boxer, kidney donor and human billboard.

I have 16 permanent tattoo advertisements for various websites and hope to get into the Guinness World Record books one day for most area of ones body covered in tattoo ads and would love to advertise for you as well with a permanent tattoo ad.

Right now I am advertising for 2 websites on my forehead 3 on my neck 2 on my cheeks and the one on my neck is for Liberty tax service. so far let me know if your interested it would literally be seen by millions and get great media attention as well.

I would love to add your website to my head or somewhere else on my face. This would get great coverage as I have thousands of friends on MySpace. Pics would be posted on those sites as well as on my Facebook profile and the ad would be seen at all my boxing matches too.

I am also writing a blog post for tattooblog each week about my adventures in tattoo advertising and each week I write a post with photos of each website I advertise for and say good things about the site that tattoo blog gets 30 thousand hits a month.

To see my press coverage you can Google my name Billy Gibby or billythebillboard to get information and see more of what I do.

Prices for head tattoo advertisements are **removed** also I am going to be appearing in rebel ink magazine in 2 weeks they are doing the photo shoot for the feature in their magazine if you decide to advertise your tattoo ad will appear in the magazine as well.

The cost of the tattooing is included in the prices as well and
these are also lifetime advertisements.



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