Crazy Classifieds: Soon-To-Be Ex-Husband’s Porsche For Cheap Sale

Published by Stickboy on August 22nd, 2009

Ex-Husbands Porsche

The following ad was posted yesterday on the “Birmingham used cars for sale” section of the Gumtree. This is one very angry woman and the photo above is of the actual Porsche.

Urgent: My soon-to-be ex husband’s Porsche for cheap sale (£2,000)

Last week, I caught my husband having it off with our babysitter in our Porsche (actually, MY Porsche as I bloody paid for it) so I’m selling his beloved car for £200! See how the prick likes that!

I’d been to my mum’s but came back early ‘cos I had a bit of a fallout with her. The children were in bed. My husband wasn’t. I thought he was in the study. I went down to the kitchen and heard something in the garage. I thought it was a rat. It was a blooming rat alright – my husband with our babysitter. She’s barely 17! I treated her like my own daughter.

He told me it didn’t mean anything. Oh so that’s makes it OK, then? It sounds crazy but I would have preferred it if it actually meant something. Why risk 15 years of marriage for anything less?

Oh it’s not the first time he’s slept around. Only difference is I was stupid enough to think he’d changed. Every single time, like the hopeful naïve cow that I was, I gave him another chance. Deep down, I knew he wouldn’t change – he’d done it too many times. But I went along with it for the kids, for the sanctity of a marriage, for ‘what will the neighbours think?’, for the weather, for the Burger King deal down the road.

Well, no more. NO MORE. I’ve had it. The penny’s finally dropped (and I hope his balls do too…on a bed of rusty nails).

I’m done. I’m done trying. I tried. I failed. And I want out. But not without getting some of my own back. Not after everything the idiot’s put me through over the years.

As a little bonus to the buyer I’m also putting his prized wine collection in the boot of the Porsche.

And for my babysitter, I left a little hot surprise for her and her new sugar daddy. I rubbed pepper sauce over every condom wrapper I could find in the house. That should give them a night to remember.

I suggest you act quick as a Porsche going for £2000 isn’t going to be here for long.

Via Gumtree Birmingham


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